Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Zero Chou

Zero Chou 周美玲
Director of Spider Lilies

Chou was born in Keelung, Taiwan in 1969. Drawn into film making because of her attraction to the combination of content and form, she left a journalism career to become a indie film director. Heralded in Taiwan as the most talented documentary director in the recent years, she has received various film festival awards around the world.

Filmography / Awards


2004 《Father In The Blacklist》 56min
2003 《The Kinmenese Tracks》 64min
2002 《Poles Extremit》 56min
2001 《Corners》 66min
2000 《Floating Islands》288min
《Before The Radiation》 22min
《Headhunting Festival》 54min
《Zou Zu Zhan Ji》 56min
1998 《Yi Shi Zai Hai Shi Zhong》 48min
《Being Ceased》 60min
《Mother And Son》 65min
《Democracy Show》 53min
《Wanderers' Bay》 60min
1997 《Looking For The Forgotten Artists》 45min
《Artist And His Daughter》 23 min
《Memories Of The Taiwanese Master》 47min


2007 《Spider Lilies》 97min
Berlin International Film Festival - Teddy Award
2006 《The Road In The Air》 82min
2004 《Splendid Float》 71min
1996 《A Film About The Body 62min