Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Wall-Passer

The Wall-Passer 穿牆人
Release: 2007
Genre: Fiction, Sci-fi
Director: Hung Hung
Total‭ ‬Running‭ ‬Time‭: ‬108‭ ‬min
Starring: Chang Yung-Cheng, Lee Chia-Ying, Lu Chia-Hsin

17-year-old Tye and his parents evacuate their home after an earthquake on planet G40 and move to Reality City. Tye is a teenage piano prodigy who takes to constantly tapping out rhythms on the computer keyboard. During a school field trip to a nuclear power plant, Tye discovers a radioactive rock whose powers enables him to pass through walls. He also meets a deaf alien shopgirl, NoNo, who captured his heart before vanishes without a trace. With the aid of his glowing stone, Tye searches the world for his missing love and meets Ya-hung who is also searching for a missing loved one.


2007 Pusan International Film Festival

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