Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ho, Chao-ti

Ho Chao-ti 賀照緹
Director of The Gangster's God

Ho Chao-ti is a documentary film producer and director. For many years, her films have centered on marginal, non-mainstream subjects, including traditional ethnic music and hybrid contemporary culture. Her films have been shortlisted at the Taiwan International Documentary Festival, the Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival, Women Make Waves Film Festival, South Taiwan Film & Video Festival, the Yilan Green International Film Festival, the Ho-Hai-Yan Music Film Festival and the Shanghai Mecooon Film Festival. She has received the Jury Special Award in Taipei Film Festival and the Golden Harvest Award of Excellence.

Filmography / Awards

2008 Producer and director, 《El Salvador Journal》 documentary / Digi
Beta / 55 min / Chinese, English and Spanish/ Filmed on behalf of
Public Television Service

2006 《Mouth of a Volcano》 documentary, part of the television series
《Baseball in Taiwan – A Tale of a Hundred Years》 Digi Beta / 49
min / Chinese / Filmed on behalf of Public Television Service

2005 《Cockroach Confidential》 documentary / Digi Beta / 47 min / English /
Filmed on behalf of National Geographic Channel International and
broadcast in 27 languages in 163 countries throughout the world,
with a total of 205 million viewers

Producer and director, 《How Many Grams? 》 documentary / Digi
Beta / 30 min / Chinese / Filmed on behalf of the Legal Aid
Foundation, Taiwan

2003 Producer and director, 《Squeezebox on the Road》 documentary /
DV / 55 min / Chinese, English, Czech, Polish, Portuguese and
Spanish/Filmed on behalf of Public Television Service

2001 《County Road 184》 documentary / Betacam / 55 min / Mandarin,
Hakka and English / Filmed on behalf of Public Television Service


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