Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer's Tail

Summer's Tail 夏天的尾巴
Release: 2007
Genre: Fiction
Director: Chen Wen-Tang
Total Running Time: 99 min
Starring: Bryant Chang, Enno Cheng, Dean Fujioka, Hannah Lin, Lu Yi-Ching

Yvette is a popular teen songwriter living in a small town in southern Taiwan. One day, while performing for her classmates, Yvette falls unconscious and is sent to the nurse’s office. There Yvette and best friend Wendy meets Jimmy. While Wendy immediately falls for Jimmy, he only has eyes for beautiful school teacher Miss Xiu. Jimmy and Miss Xiu are forced to end their relationship lest she risk losing her job. While Wendy’s gaze drifts towards soccer-loving Japaneses exchange student Akira, Yvette recovers from her heart condition and opens her arms to embrace Jimmy’s emotions.

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2007 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
2007 Pusan International Film Festival